Lady Bug Dreams

We, like so many others, have embarked on a journey, that has us swinging between hysterical laughter to tears of unknown. But we are doing it.....

Friday, September 30, 2005

The "Shaker" Shelf and changing table - I built this for our daughter - it is stock full of cloths

Inside the Crib - Carolyn again did most of the sewing and quilting. I think we are ready!!


The Crib Corner - Carolyn has sewn many outfits - I built and put up the "Shaker" shelf for momentos. I got Carolyn the pink Garden pack on the shelf for our daughter for Mother's Day.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Pictures of the Nursery

Our rocking chair and lady bug pillow - everything in this room is brand new and unused.

We have various music selections here - our little entertainment center...

Friday, September 23, 2005

Still waiting - Friends leaving for China

Sept 19, 2005 -We are hoping for a referral at the end of November if everything stays on the current schedule. There is a rumor of maybe it being a month sooner, but don't want to get my hopes up. If the referral comes at the end of November, we will travel the beginning of January 2006. John says the time is flying by for him. Our friends, Jacqui & Daryl are leaving in two days to get their daughter (16 months old), Arriana. They are so excited and ready to burst! We will follow their journey on their website. Our boys don't seem too excited anymore, I think they are tired of waiting and don't think about it much anymore. I think about it all the time and those moments are getting more intense. Our friends say the closer we get, the worst it gets. They are right. I know that sometime soon, those "moments" will bring me to tears. This must be the labor pains of childbirth!!! I am thinking of getting a limo for the ride home from the airport. There will be 6-7 of us and lots of luggage. We don't have a car big enough for all that. I think it would be great memory. We will see if we can afford it at the end. Yesterday was the start of the Chinese Moon Festival and a time for great celebration. It is fun learning about all the Chinese customs and holidays. When our daughter comes home, we will teach her about her heritage and customs and celebrate them with her. We want her to know where she came from. We also plan on future trips to China with her so she will see. I hear China is so beautiful and the people are very kind.