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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

We are NOT next

Bad news - the last two batches of referrals have only covered 1/2 months! This means we are NOT next in line for our referral, but have been delayed one month. We are praying that CCAA will start to release full months again so we will not be delayed anymore. This is a very trying time and we are running low on patience. As it is now, we will get our referral at the very end of Xmas or in the first few days of Jan 2006.

The family is planning on having a gathering and eating our worries away. All the boys will be with us. This will be the last holiday celebration with 3 children. Soon it will be 4 children! The younger boys will be spending xmas in Colorado this year and we (John & Carolyn) will probably have a short holiday somewhere in the snow. Here's to a very Happy Thanksgiving!


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