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Sunday, December 04, 2005

December 4, 2005

We were informed last week that the next batch of referrals that are due to be released will be for April 1st-15th. This means another partial month. We have been pushed back another month. The good news is that since we are so close, we will not be delayed anymore. Here is a schedule for the next few referral batches:

April 1-15 LID ----referrals due week of December 5th
April 15-30 LID---referrals due week of January 2nd
**May 1-15 LID ----referrals due week of January 30 (this is us!!!!)

China has stated that there are not enough babies that are "paper ready" to meet the demand. I know that china adoption has reached an all time high and they weren't ready for it. Not all babies "qualify" for international adoption program and they are trying to make it more available for more babies. I think we will be traveling around March 1st (maybe). We can only guess at this point.


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