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We, like so many others, have embarked on a journey, that has us swinging between hysterical laughter to tears of unknown. But we are doing it.....

Friday, March 17, 2006

Brianna Marie Yan Hill

We just received an email with her photos.
Here she is and she is a cutie pie. We couldn't be more proud and excited. We are truely in love with her already.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

More info on our daughter

We received the growth report yesterday and found out alot of history on our daughter. Fist of all her name, Hongyan, means :

Hong: grand and extensive
Yan: beautiful

She was found at Fuli Road on May 14th with her umbilical cord still attached and bound up. She was dressed in red (red means lucky) cotton clothes and wrapped in a white (white means morning) quilt. She was taken to the local police and then to the welfare institute. She weighed 7.37 lbs and was 20.49" in height. She has not had any serious illness. She was placed in foster care on Sept 10, 2005. We are so happy and very lucky to find she is living in a family atmosphere. Her development appears to be in the normal range. We have heard from other families with Wuwei daughters that the babies are very well loved, cared for and that we are very lucky to have been referred a Wuwei daughter. WOW!!!

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

******IT'S A GIRL********

We are proud to announce the referral of our precious daughter and sister:

Name: Wu, Hong Yan (nickname: Yan Yan)
DOB: May 13, 2005
Age: 91/2 months
Orphanage: Wuwei Social Welfare Inst.
City & Province: Wuwei City, Gansu Province
Last Checkup: 11/11/05 (Normal and very healthy)
Weight: 13.64 lbs
Height: 25.22"
Estimated Travel Date: May 1st

We don't have a pic yet because the original paperwork is still lost. It will be a few days at least till we have a photo. We will post more as we get the info. We are just over joyed and in love with her already!!!