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Thursday, April 06, 2006

TA's are here!!!

We just received news that our TA (travel approval from China) has arrived. Our agency is making our appointment with the American Consulate for the week of May 15th. That means...we will leave approx. May 3rd (give or take a few days). This is only approx dates and we will not be able to confirm for another 4-6 days.

We are so close to bringing our baby daughter home (I can smell the baby powder)!!! We are very happy parents!


  • At 12:41 PM, Blogger Dave and Deb said…

    John and Carolyn,

    Congratulations on the referral, finally getting the paperwork from DHL and your travel plans! We spend a lot of time while pursuing adoption number reading the blog and websites of people adopting from China. We hope your travels are as good as ours were -- and if you have any last minute questions before traveling from a BTDT couple, drop us a line!

    Best regards, Dave & Deb

    PS If you want to check out our website, the address is The button marked "Christa's site" takes you to pages about our first adoption, and the one marked "Danielle's site" takes you to pages about the adoption we are working on right now.


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