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Friday, May 12, 2006

Temple of Heaven and local artist

Inside the Temple of Heaven - on our first day in Beijing

Temple of Heaven - we got there very early on Thursday morning - only Westerners there and were the object of many stares and chatter. We also were the only folks wearing shorts, everyone else were in slacks and jackets - it was 75 degrees, quite nice.

Temple of Heaven storage building - there are two of these - this one to the East of the Temple and another to the West - they stored grains and supplies in these buildings - 9 bay doors signified something, however, I could not stay and read the entire description, the locals were closing in on me - they are fascinated by the tattoo's

We are posting blindly - the access is shotty - half the time we get errors after submitting. We will attempt to post more. These were from our first day in town. We left Tampa Tuesday morning and got in Beijing on Wednesday afternoon - so we were shot. Went out on Thursday to the above park and Temple of Heaven.

Later in the afternoon walked up to the local art district.

We visited a local art school - beware the ploy - the local like to practise their english which is ok, however when they ask if you would like to experience some local culture and start walking you somewhere because they want to share - prepare for the "bait-n-switch" they want to sell you something. Luckily we wanted to buy, we were looking for local art and found an apt student and she had wares to sell - our Artist Lily and the Koi painting we purchased that she painted.

Friday was the Hutong tour and Drum Tour - Palace Garden, Tea ceremony - recommend the hutong tour


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